About Me Photo

Amy Richardson was raised in New Jersey and slowly moved her way to the west coast, settling in Salem in 1995. Amy earned a Bachelor of Science in Botany from Colorado State University before moving to Palo Alto. For 12 years Amy called Palo Alto home, working for 6 years as a paralegal, then 6 years in the catering business. Amy and her family then relocated to Salem, where she spent 20 years as a stay-at-home-mom raising three children.

Ready for a change, Amy entered the real estate business in 2015. Owning and managing rental properties, plus a background in sales, helped Amy prepare for the challenge. As a real estate broker, Amy loves helping people find solutions for their housing needs and thrives on the competitive environment and multiple facets of a career in real estate.

Amy is athletic, spending much of her free time running or doing yoga and enjoys volunteering at local schools and sporting events.